The Cog is Dead – Savior of the Skies

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The Cog is Dead – Savior of the Skies

The Cog is Dead - Savior of the Skies

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  1. Steampunk! But, sadly, primitive music. Back to Life’s Decay, no idea how I got here from them. Good luck!

  2. this song reminds me of the anime porco rosso =3=

  3. Well, it makes the band-name “The Cog is Dead” very seem very appropriate then!

  4. Actually steampunk likes airships. This is space age no matter how you look at it.

  5. That is one of the wonders of the Steampunk universe; it’s completely separate from our universe. Yes, in this reality it ran on kerosene or whichever fuel it used (not 100% with plane mechanics) but in the steampunk world it could be steam powered! Just because something doesn’t run on steam in real life, doesn’t mean it can’t in somebodies imagination.

  6. Hi SteamPeople, I leave my art Steam thanks for your visit

  7. It might not have been steam in our universe, but it has a very steam punk look about it (and or dieselpunk, they both really have the same look). Lots of pipe like things, and the cockpit glass looks like gothic stained glass a little and it’s got some doohicky on the front. It does look olde time scifi.

  8. But I want it on Spotify…

  9. I love the Russian Mig, not sure how it related to steam punk; but it’s a great plane.

  10. It’s even more interesting as this is a two-seat training version – I’m not entirely sure, but it looks like MiG-21US.
    I have some troubles associating it with the lyrics.

    The song is great, though.

  11. It’s more dieselpunk, admittedly. So in a way you’re right. But since diesel’s a derivative of steampunk, it’s kinda still under the category. But dieselpunk music tends to be heavier than this anyhoo =]

  12. i love both vocalists so this makes sense

  13. you sir, have no soul•

  14. thats a mig 21 and no no matter how you look at it a 1950s commie jet is not steam punk.

  15. reminds me of the anime Last Exile

  16. since somebody invented dieselpunk……

  17. The vocalist’s voice is like M. Shadows and Jack Skeleton had a magical love child.