” The Cathedral 2 ” Steampunk Hot Air Engine no 7

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Engine no 7, The Cathedral After the challenge of building engines 1 6 I felt that I might be able to build a double hot-air engine and the result is the Cathedral. The hot-air engines of this machine are aligned with a bronze flywheel weighing about 3 kg. The cooling and engine plates are made of segments from a large bronze flange, found at the scrap dealers. I paid a lot of attention to the design. (This model has been streamlined and the bolts and nuts are invisible) I called this engine The Cathedral because of its height and its pillars. It has become a very stable running engine with a variable stroke of 24 38 mm for the displacer and the power piston. That makes the load factor of both engines extremely adjustable. The cranks and the eccentrics of both engines are aligned about 180° to each other, which produces the best results with this engine. Both hot air engines have enough power to drive a dynamo which lights a few LEDs between 1.5 and 2 Volts. This description of the model has been more detailed because this project has been my biggest challenge so far: to make two engines run together in good balance.
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This perfume bottle was so much fun to make…just loving all of the bling. I used a few pics from the Graphic 45 collections paper and incorporated the swirl rhinestones and random ones scattered. The feathers on the top of the cork is about 7″ high! Thanks for watching another video from A Vintage Design Studio and all of us wish you a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving holiday! Susan suziecrafter10.blogspot.com



  1. I would love to learn how to make these type of things!

  2. at the TOP

  3. i cant get enough of these machines there great, albinarrate is right the music is spot on, is it just me or did it make anyone else think of steam trains, industrial revolution and for some reason Russia??

  4. BTW, what music is this? That really adds to it.

  5. This is beautiful!!!  Love it.

  6. Absolutely love the top of the bottle Suzie! The bling and the images are spot on…….tres jolie! I can’t say enough about your work, really. And Graphic45? Speaks for itself :-)  Take care, Brigitte xoxo

  7. hey i just wanted to say thanks for posting that artist. i like learning about that kind of stuff. now i really see the references. wow. 

  8. DAAAAAANG! that is awesome! i could see this adapted so an ornament! wow. could you imagine a steampunky tree?!?!?!?

  9. Absolutely Gorgeous..Love this Paper Line! TFS

  10. Gorgeous,love all the bling..TFS

  11. Oh my goodness! I love this bottle! It’s made of awesome! Graphic 45 is the Cat’s Meow of paper, imho. You did well with it! (I really like how the Steampunk theme is heavily inspired by Alphonse Mucha!)

    Oh! And I forgot to mention in the last video about how wonderful your husband is to support you in your passion! *stickles a peridot star to his forehead*

    Hugs n’Squishes!!

  12. wow that is so beautiful

  13. So beautiful. You should sale these .

  14. Thats so beautiful!(tfs)louise

  15. Really pretty Susan I like how you added all the feathers on top of the cork and the bling all around the bottle with those really pretty papers. TFS…:) Doreen