” The Cathedral 1 ” Steampunk Stirling Hot Air Engine

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Engine no 7, ‘The Cathedral’ After the challenge of building engines 1 — 6 I felt that I might be able to build a double hot-air engine and the result is the ‘Cathedral’. The hot-air engines of this machine are aligned with a bronze flywheel weighing about 3 kg. The cooling and engine plates are made of segments from a large bronze flange, found at the scrap dealer’s. I paid a lot of attention to the design. (This model has been streamlined and the bolts and nuts are invisible) I called this engine ‘The Cathedral’ because of its height and its pillars. It has become a very stable running engine with a variable stroke of 24 — 38 mm for the displacer and the power piston. That makes the load factor of both engines extremely adjustable. The cranks and the eccentrics of both engines are aligned about 180° to each other, which produces the best results with this engine. Both hot air engines have enough power to drive a dynamo which lights a few LED’s between 1.5 and 2 Volts. This description of the model has been more detailed because this project has been my biggest challenge so far: to make two engines run together in good balance.

Designed by Doctor Grymm at JMARSDesign.com for the Steampunk Bizarre, Doctor Grymm’s newest Brainstorm Machine. Built and voiced by Joey Marsocci and sound creation by Mark Adams Sound Design. This Steampunk contraption houses the brain and memories of Edgar Allan Poe and was intitially built to reduce nightmares by overstimulating the subconcious, it unfortunately had the side effect of causing complete insanity. For more information on this item visit www.drgrymmlaboratories.com For the full audio clip please visit files1.mailboxdrive.com allimages and audio are copyright (C) 2009 JMARSDESIGN.com and cannot be used elsewhere without the artist’s express agreement
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  1. How can the kinetic energy never disappears!?

  2. This is so… moving.

  3. Stiring.

  4. 0:28 I thought it was a little guy wearing a top hat.

  5. Such beauty of motion! Craftsmanship beyond words, and movement so fluid! I love it! And I love the music just as much, who is this?

  6. It’s fun how you could take Steampunk technology SO FAR back in time, and it’ll be more advanced than anything they ever made :P

  7. Beautiful!

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  9. just a beauty! won-der-ful.

  10. I’ll take ten.

  11. I’m guessing this is a Gamma

  12. so, what does it power? [lol, at first i thought that was a starting motor XD]

  13. Howmuch for one pleas

  14. for you i enjoyed the music

  15. lol the fire makes more light than the dynamo!

  16. Absolute work of art! Amazing job. 

  17. James Watt’s nightmare. Actually, he’d have loved it. 

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  19. Creepy. Yet awesome. Yet disturbing. Yet ingenious. Yet weird. Yet purely awesome.