” The Buoy ” Steampunk Ringbom Hot Air Engine

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” The Buoy ” Steampunk Ringbom Hot Air Engine

Engine no 14, ‘The Buoy’ This engine is a Ringbom engine with the displacer at the top of the cooling plate. The advantage of this construction is that the temperature of the cooling plate is lower, and we do not have do deal with the heat rising from the heat source. A disadvantage is that the heat transfer at the top of the displacer is more difficult. The heater head must fit very accurately on the displacer cylinder to transfer enough heat to run the engine. The engine runs on between one and three tea-warmers, but also on three, depending on the speed required. The number of strokes per minute of this engine varies between 60 and 250. For a change I mounted the heavy flywheel of 3.5 kg horizontally and it runs on a steel ball. The driving mechanism is placed in the flywheel, which adds a new feature. This Ringbom engine has again been made with a balance spring. This time it works as a pressure spring. The engine is named ‘Buoy’ because it closely resembles a lighthouse or buoy with its light at the top. I tried to give this engine the outline of a skeleton so that it looks less massive. It was also my objective to move towards kinetic art, with the motion at the centre; in this case the balance spring and the driving mechanism of the flywheel.



  1. hi sorry but im curious + a little stupid xD
    so watersteam powers this device?
    and are they just as powerfull on a larger scale?

  2. Brass is a great bearing surface, im guessing thats why these are all made from brass, all they would need is a tiny amount of oi,l if any at all. plus it makes them look awesome

  3. maybe the bearings are rubies… lab rubies are dirt cheap these days, so the benefits found for watchmaking can be given to other things…

  4. Good video ! More Tesla Tech in videos “Tesla and cold electricity” by HorizonDelta

  5. this is amazing! do u sell these?

  6. i wanna hook it up to a blender….

  7. That is AWESOME

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  9. Have you tested it under a load?

  10. There must be very good bearings.

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  12. What is it? Its amazing

  13. I want one of those in my house:D

    It was cool:D

  14. functional art!!

  15. very pretty