The Broadside Express (Wolfire Games) – Humble Mojam Bundle

Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Videos | 17 comments

Take a look at Wolfire Games’ offering to the Humble Mojam Bundle that just wrapped up this weekend! It’s all about trains in deserts steampunkin’ giant scorpion things! :D Follow me on Twitter: Intro music created by WMD – Check out Humble Bundle here: Tags: “humble bundle” mojam mojang wolfire games “The Broadside Express” trains steampunk charity indie survival mode impressions first thoughts look gameplay oxeye livestream develop Etalyx GamersDissent demonstration “let’s play” LP lets play commentary epic adventure sandbox computer demo “video game” gaming Gamersdissent Gamers Dissent Alan pc online retro independent HD “Video Game”



  1. I’ve been chugging through the desert for hours now… there’s nothing. NOTHING.

  2. Q and E.

    This gaaame suuuuuux.

  3. Not only because they created Minecraft I think Mojang’s game is the best one because its you vs your friend. If they had a better way of setting up a server and getting your friend to join I would definately reccomend that game for EVERYONE ON THE FACE OF THE FUCKING PLANET!

  4. HOW DO YOU SHOOT? I pressed every button I could think of…

  5. not how the guy in the video (Etalyx) spells it lolol

  6. I have 89 copies of this LEGIT. (Humble bundle gift links) Somebody want them somehow? lol

  7. Light and fluffy! I’m using that.

  8. @GamersDissent
    I advice you to try Transarctica (a.k.a. Arctic Baron) and Steamland (a.k.a. Дорога на Хон-Ка-Ду) if you like shooting trains.

  9.  Thats how its spelled lol

  10. Strange :) I tried all the buttons then all of a sudden wasd and q and e started working

  11. What are the controls?

  12. That looks terrible

  13. because the game’s probably powered by unity?

  14. 2:40 I LIKE TRAINS

  15. Why Is There UnityWebPlayer’s Logo??

  16. It was on sale last weekend but is no longer on sale. You may be able to find it elsewhere around the web though.

  17. Stop it with the fake voice, it sounds stupid.