Tesla CD Turbine Pumpkin Cuttin’ Ceremony

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Pumpkin carving with the Tesla CD Turbine, Steampunk Edition. A new design of the little turbine made from recycled CD’s and supermagnets gets put to the test. Will the barely held on, magnetically-coupled spinning Skilsaw blade, cut through the tough and messy flesh of the poor little Pumpkin?? This machine had the honour of being Gadget Freak #122 in Design News magazine! This Tesla CD Turbine is made from recycled CD’s CD cakebox, neodymium supermagnets, a nozzle and glue. It features brass fittings for a steampunk look. The original Tesla disc Turbine was invented by Nikola Tesla about 100 years ago. For detailed pictures and info on how to build this wild machine, see my Instructable at: www.instructables.com Mrfixitrick always orders magnets from: www.kjmagnetics.com Visit the Tesla CD Turbine web site: www.cdturbine.com Check out how a new understanding of magnetism will radically change our world, presented by nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe www.youtube.com Check out the Keshe Foundation for the best new solutions in energy, transportation and health…magnetic, plasma-based, and literally out-of-this-world ! Keshe Foundation Intro www.youtube.com
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  1. FallOut 3 Auto Axe ;)

  2. I hope you build one…good luck with your Tesla Turbine projects!

  3. Thanks for the advice, you know, i try to find a good solution for bigger dc dynamos. This turbine semms good, but problematic too, but not that problematic like stirling engines..maybe i build one someday, here are hundreds of scrappy DVD-s:)

  4. This turbine was made more of a joke than for practical use. After all, it’s made with a plastic CD case!

    The Tesla Turbine was designed for high-rpm use; some say it lacks torque.
    However, for more torque, simply add more discs, or increase the inlet pressure, or use gearing…the same as any other motor.

    Check out my Tesla CD Turbine playlist for more of my Tesla CD Turbine contraptions.

  5. I have read many disc turbine articles, my problem is the practical using of the turbine. Pine is not a harder wood, and that piece is also small, despite slows down the saw. Im a bit sceptic about the tesla turbine’s practical usage, because of the small torque. Have you any other experiments?

  6. I sawed a piece of 2×2 inch pine with this device…but it was slow and a bit scary! ;)

  7. Can you cut some wood with this saw? Is it strong enough?

  8. You made to pumpkin cry..

  9. Surprisingly torquey. 

  10. Strangely enough, the magnets in the magnetic coupling are strong enough in repelling mode, to keep the saw blade on and centred, without a shaft.

    That was one of my biggest discoveries of the past few years!

  11. wont the saw fly off? cause the magnets arent strong enough?

  12. Yes, I saw that saw.
    Tesla had a design for “flying machine” (not an airplane;) powered by twin counter-rotating Tesla Turbines of 200 horsepower each.

  13. hey have you seen that counter-rotating saw on the american infomercials/ (The DUAL Saw)
    you should check it out if you haven’t :D

    I love your page Rick, keep up the great work

  14. People like you are the kind of people who deserve money and praise.

  15. Nope. Got bored with that years ago.

  16. The Pumpkin Cuttin’ Ceremony I do with a knife. Faster and much more appropiate. Without consuming electric power! Incredible, dont you think so?

  17. The Tesla disc Turbine is unique in that it can take the shock pressures and corrosiveness of wet steam as well as dry.

    It is also the only form of turbine that can handle direct biomass combustion byproducts.

    It can run on any fuel.

    It’s cheaper to build and maintain than other turbines.

  18. I don’t see the difference to any other turbine in use today?
    Like steam turbines in power plants?

  19. 16 pumpkins disliked this vid

  20. the most modern medical instrument

  21. The reason why Tesla thought so much of his turbine, was that it could provide the power for his electric flying machine that had no wings, propellors, or ailerons. Tesla developed twin counter-rotating 200 hp turbines, with generators, for this purpose.

  22. I disagree with him. I think his “cell phone tower” was the greatest of all of his inventions. But century-old technology being used today is common place. I mean we’re still dependent on steam power.

  23. Nikola Tesla called his turbine “The greatest of all my inventions”.
    It was worth the effort to show that a Tesla turbine is a motor that has many uses. and could be useful even today, 100 years after it was invented.

    A Skil saw is much more powerful and efficient for this particular job, no doubt about it. My tool with it’s plastic CD case, CD’s, and glue just don’t cut it. Much more exciting and fun, though!

  24. Is it even worth it? Is the power output and energy consumption even comparable to plugging in a skill saw? Show your math.