Boulefield V9.6 Part 1 with @Karl_with_a_C @PGT_TURTLE @The_SilviaKid

Posted by on Mar 8, 2013 in Videos | 8 comments

Welcome to Boulefield, the most immersive RPG experience in Minecraft, set in the Steam-Punk Art-Deco world of Hedaiphon, an underwater submarine city. Battle through 4 hours of an epic adventure, which will leave you stunned. Over 23 months of work has gone into making this map as incredible as it can, adding elements like NPCs, side quests, magic, and an engrossing storyline. Yet, no mods are necessary. Karl With AC’s Channel : PGT_Turtles Channel : TheSilviaKid’s Channel : This map can be downloaded from Ways to stay in contact ★ Website :...

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