Grungy Christmas Cards & Artist Trading Cards

Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 in Videos | 12 comments

This is a compilation of the artist trading cards and last year’s Christmas cards that I created. Sorry for the lack of music… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Want to stay up to date with my latest creations? Subscribe me here or feel free to add me on Facebook – Mechanical kinetic sculpture featuring wooden gears. Matt black wood frame with clear perspex front. Driven by electric motor. Video Rating: 4 /...

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Jason Brammer: Chicago Visual Artist

Posted by on Jan 12, 2013 in Videos | 5 comments

A short film about Chicago painter, visual artist, and muralist Jason Brammer. Features interviews with Brammer, his “Time Machines” series, a site-specific installation at IV Lab Recording Studio, a look inside his own studio, live painting, and more. See more art by Jason Brammer at: Video by North Southern Films Twitter: @NorthSouthern Music by Free The Robots & Winthorp:...

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Burning Man 2011: El Pulpo Mechanico – artist Duane Flatmo

Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Videos | 4 comments

This was one of my favorite mutant vehicles at the event! Video Rating: 4 /...

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Madame Dowd – Portrait of an Artist

Posted by on Jul 14, 2012 in Videos | 6 comments

My Final project for my film class. I decided to do a Portrait of my girlfriend Lindsay who is trying to make a name for herself artistically as Madame Dowd. she does many different forms of artistic creation and has a strong love for victorian/steampunk costumes and jewelry. This is an interview with sculptor Nemo Gould produced by the San Jose Museum of Art for the upcoming show “Robots: Evolution of a Cultural Icon”. Show dates are April 12, through October 19,...

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Original Artist Dolls by Rostislav Mironov. A series “Russian steampunk”. Organ-grinder.

Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Videos | 8 comments

Original Artist Dolls by Rostislav Mironov. A series “Russian steampunk”. Organ-grinder. Авторские куклы Ростислава Миронова. Серия “Русскiй Стимпанкъ”. Шарманщик с обезьяноказаком. Original Artist Dolls by Rostislav Mironov. A series “Russian steampunk”. Russian Tourist. Русский турист. Топограф Генерального Штаба, подполковник Красков. Любитель долгих прогулок в окрестностях неприятельских береговых укреплений и фортов. Любуется видами побережья, делает фото на память вокзалов, дорого, мостов, арсеналов и военных заводов. Очень общителен со служителями...

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