Winter’s Over (Lets Have An Adventure)

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WINTER WRAP UP STEAMPUNK! This was finished a lot quicker than I thought…partly because I have nothing to do except study until Saturday…=P So, I went in a slightly different direction for this one. I decided to create a number of different emotions and feelings in a short space of time, rather than giving it a factory based sound throughout. Of course, the Steampunk feel is still very apparent, but this sounds a bit more like the helter-skelter style of an opening to an anime. Y’know, everyone doing fancy flips about the opening credits and super long and quick panning...

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Swords For Hire – Part 1 – Jon Magnificent – A Steampunk Adventure Music Video

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This Steampunk Magic Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure is a web-series episode. This is Part 1 of the Swords for Hire music video by multiple award-winning recording and performing artist Jon Magnificent. In this time traveling episode, Jon has been missing for over a year after leaving to recover an artifact described only as “the piece”. Sir Thor continues to search through history to find Jon and locates him in an old mining town called Dry Diggings in California, just before they changed their name to Hangtown. As is usual, Jon happens to be involved in the reason for the...

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Joshua Vervin – The Dark Steampunk Adventure of a Vampire Knight

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Joshua Vervin – The Dark Steampunk Adventure of a Vampire Knight from The Dark Steampunk Adventure of a Vampire Knight – Single Price: USD 0.99 View Details about Joshua...

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