Swords For Hire – Part 1 – Jon Magnificent – A Steampunk Adventure Music Video

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This Steampunk Magic Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure is a web-series episode. This is Part 1 of the Swords for Hire music video by multiple award-winning recording and performing artist Jon Magnificent. In this time traveling episode, Jon has been missing for over a year after leaving to recover an artifact described only as “the piece”. Sir Thor continues to search through history to find Jon and locates him in an old mining town called Dry Diggings in California, just before they changed their name to Hangtown. As is usual, Jon happens to be involved in the reason for the name change. Featuring the voice talents of Master Magician Pop Hayden as the Dry Diggings Town Mayor and renown comedic entertainer Thee Bluebeard as the guy in the crowd that suggests everyone should be hung. This cinematic adventure is produced and directed by Jon Magnificent. SUBSCRIBE and we can tell you when PART 2 is released. Click this link to subscribe now: www.youtube.com
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  1. I appreciate that!

  2. Very cool!

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  5. better each time its viewed,,,, see and hear alot more,,

  6. The plan is to do each song as its own short film episode.
    The song performance (you’ll see the band performing n concert) will happen in Part 2, along with some other spectacular action sequences (and there will be some very beautiful ladies, too).

  7. is it a movie or a music video?