Sugarland TV: The Incredible Machine’s costume designer talks steampunk fashion (Part 2)

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 6 comments

Sugarland TV: The Incredible Machine's costume designer talks steampunk fashion (Part 2)

The Incredible Machine tour costume designer Tiffany Terranova opens Jennifer and Kristian’s wardrobe cases to give you an up-close look at the pieces they’re wearing on stage.
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  1. I went to there show and I demanded my mother to by me a key keychain . I still have it. :D

  2. scavenger hunt: what other video do you see tiff’s top? hmmmmm? ;)

  3. I love steampunk! Check out a couple pieces I made…

  4. Pretty Cool stuff!! I can’t wait to see this tour! I hope you are coming back to california soon!!!

  5. LOVE it!

  6. Safety pins aren’t really STEAMpunk, more just punk. But all in all I do love the look of the show and it’s always awesome to get a behind the scenes look.