Sugar Goes Steampunk Fashion Show Pt.01

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Sugar Goes Steampunk Fashion Show Pt.01

Mad Calamity Productions Sugar Goes Steampunk Fashion Show – March 11, 2011 Sugar Art and Fashion Show Candy Wax Cutie Mad Girl Productions http Cirque de Femmes Full Gallery at…



  1. I like the background! :) its cool looking…but the dancers ruined it…

  2. Im sorry but this shit u call “STEAMPUNK” was anything but TRUE STEAMPUNK. Please,I beg of you next time do some actual research.

  3. A few gear and cogs with a dark background in front of a bunch dancers doth not Steampunk make. This is not Steampunk. 

  4. Could Youtube please cut the sound from this crap ?

  5. This sucks.

  6. everything steampunk is not :S

  7. On dirait les pussy cat dolls qui dansent sur un décors steampunk. Comment dire c’est foireux !

  8. urm wtf is this?? im trying to learn about steampunk and im pretty sure this is not it! ….

  9. I can be a freak …… fail

  10. 1.) This could ONLY be steampunk if the meaning was changed to “attire of a prostitute”. 2.) Whoever told you this WAS steampunk was not looking out for your best interests. 3.) every guy there is a perv.

  11. 1.) this could ONLY be steampunk if the meaning was changed to “attire of a prostitute”. 2.) Most likely every guy in the auddiance is a pervert. 3.) Whoever told you this was steampunk was NOT looking out for your best interest. -__-

  12. This is nor Steampunk nor a fashion show. (Some crappy underwear which all look the same is not fashion and by far not Steampunk!).

  13. What is this shit? A Pussycat Dolls video???


  14. wtf is this…

  15. wtf is this shit

  16. Hmm…needs more cheeseburgers.

  17. Wow, awful music.

  18. pelado sali del video!!

  19. I went there & still can very safely say its not steam punk, saw there a steam tank on anything? Was there exterior workings of the machines? (to answer that one myself no the cogs weren’t even connected to anything just stuck on out on their own) was there anything that said this is victorian techno/sci fi… nothing was steam punk, they just threw some old rubbish together & labled it steam punk. & yes I watched the others in this too all the same…

  20. Go to candywaxcutie . com Look at steampunk fashion show part 2 and tell me they didn’t represent steampunk

  21. to all of you bagging on this video, i assure you that you sound particularly ridiculous to me. As for, if you WATCH part 2. then you would quickly learn that in fact they do exceed the expectations of steampunk. They perform a fashion show, and bring out some pretty tight “STEAMPUNK” outfits. People really are too quick to put their shitty opinions out there.

  22. so, emmm…when does the fashion show start??

  23. No “steampunk” really, but I really enjoyed the dance. It was great!