Storyteller/Historian/Truth Bringer

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Nobody knows who built these ancient machines or for what purpose. They’ve been traveling the galaxy for eons, some broken and in poor condition, some fully functional and others in pieces just drifting in space as a reminded that the truth is not always welcome. These machines absorb information, any kind of information. Everything from the most insignificant happenings to major historic events, natural disasters and changes is stored in their seemingly infinite memory. They reproduce this knowledge through stories, unbiased, true stories told with a deep, mechanical yet somehow soothing voice. In some cultures they’re known as Storytellers, some call them Historians and to others they’re known as Truth Bringers. These ancient machines have different names in different worlds and cultures. And even though they’re quite rare on a global scale they’ve still managed to influence many cultures and worlds throughout the galaxy.
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  1. you…you make the most creative and talented spore creatures I’ve ever seen!!!!!

  2. Don’t worry, I marked him up for you.

  3. sorry didnt mean to mark you down, was an accident.

  4. nice story behind it

  5. I love how cartoonish it seems. This would be great in Kingdom Hearts.

  6. How’d you get that wheel and stuff? O.o Is that in regular spore?

  7. Who have you made that?!

  8. *bows*

  9. ah, ok, thanks =)

  10. lol it looks like a failed experiment where they cut off a humans head and put it on a machine.But the mouth was akward so they put something over it. Nice job on the creature btw.

  11. Good story, and this one is really creative, in terms of making it a machine. The face and antennaes sort of remove some of the feel, though.

  12. This one is also in my Spore Creatures vol. 1

    Because its one of my coolest favorites, Thanks ShinigamiKiba

  13. Spore will be massively single player, meaning that all content created by all people will be uploaded to a single location (Sporpedia). When you launch Spore, content is added to your game experience. You can buddy up with people and you will receive content from them. It’s a better alternative IMHO that letting spore choose which content to give you.

  14. if they make a multiplayer part… =P

  15. its really cool.. and it kinda looks like a humongous giant bong with a face.

  16. I really like this one – and the background story is fantastic - on the level that I want to read the SF book about them ;-)

  17. Great detail. We gotta buddy up on Spore. I’d love to see all your creations on my planets.