Story of A Sleeping Faerie by Fae Factory Artist, Dr Franky Dolan – Steampunk Chic Eco Art

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See more award-winning art at This is a story of a Sleeping Faerie, hand sculpted by Award-Winning Steampunk Chic, Eco Artist, Dr Franky Dolan. All of the Fae Factory art is created by a young man named Dr Franky Dolan, who has become housebound due to illness; an “invisible disease” that causes constant pain and neuro disfunction. But as Dr Dolan says, he will not take this fatigue lying down! This art is a way of giving to the magic of the world and to the dreams within us all. All sales of this art go directly into supporting people living with Invisible Diseases (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME, Fibromyalgia, Lyme and POTS…) To learn more, go to the Fae Factory website at:


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  1. I am like you Dr. Cranky. In a way. I am limited by my health with a partially collapsed lung, low blood pressure, a pinched disc and once I fix one ailment, another comes along. Reading this story made me nearly cry. I want your wee far to wake up and be magical and joyous. Thanks for the magical moment…