Penny Dreadful Productions Presents: Steampunk’d. Hey Everyone, it’s Matt from Penny Dreadful Productions. The other day, the gang and I got a chance to experiment with a new still camera that shoots 1080p HD video. I was given a day or two for prep, came up with this silly idea for an Over the Top funny steampunk short and 15 hours later here we are. The Video was shot in 5 hours and edited in ten. Please keep in mind when watching that this was just a fun project for me and the crew from Penny Dreadful Productions. I understand it’s not the greatest quality, there tons of continuity issues, awful lighting issues, and shaky camera moves, but hopefully everyone will enjoy it regardless. The whole shoot in general was a real obstacle. If this project were a real serious one i would hide this video from the eyes of any viewer, but This was just meant to be a fun experience, and a learning opportunity for shooting with the new cam, so all in all i’m happy with the results, even if they aren’t to my usual standard. . It is meant to be a fun and humorous short about a steampunk cliche, so dont be too hash on it. Special thanks to Kyle Spain, Joe Trimmer, and Matt Dunnaway for all their help in the making of this project. And a Very Very special thanks to Brandon McCormick for giving us the chance to film it.This wouldnt be possible without them
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. well I GUESS it’s “punk” like….in that it’s industrious and DYI. I still prefer neo-Victorian due to class, pudishness and vice embracement. “Punk” indeed. pish posh

  2. boba fett

  3. Wow That was Epic. Amazing ending and Awesome set. All that brass and rust made me drool.=P

  4. Awesome guys! Are you ever swinging back out to Xadune?

  5. lmfao love it
    “What, no pocket watch?”
    *click click click click*
    O_O oh shi-

  6. 2:56 - 3:13 love it

  7. 2:56 - 3:13 love it

  8. Top hole!

  9. spank!

  10. That was funny congratz!

  11. Wow. Just a thousand times wow. I can’t wait for the web series.

  12. the best

  13. I saw you guys at the NC gaming summit in Goldsboro NC. Was so happy to see you all there again.  Loved the film. Thanks keep it up.

  14. LOL that’s awesome!

  15. I put this on my iPod touch.  I watch it about every other day. It’s awesome.

    PS: I’m a member of the Church of Strangeway, that’s how I found it.

  16. Haha, this is awesome. What I like about steampunk is that you will never get to old for it, or look out of place as long as you dress the part. White beards will just add to authenticy. Who wouldn’t want a steampunk grandpa? Anyway, I went out on a tangent there. I love your video, it made me laugh.

  17. <3 this made my day!! I Love Steam Punk!!!

  18. I’m glad it wasn’t dialogue-heavy, it’s easy to overload a short film that way.

  19. the ending made me lol

  20. ahahaha very good n.n

  21. awesome, we will be back there again this year! =D

  22. Cool video, I met you guys once when you were giving a lecture on steampunk at Wane Community collage.

  23. Nice twist at the end :)