Steampunk Weapon Tutorial

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Steampunk Weapon Tutorial

In this video, I show you how to take a water pistol and create a kick ass steampunk weapon. I share a lot of detailed techniques that may be used on many different base weapons.
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Trippy little vid about what steampunk is and how to make a steampunk-esque keyboard. I did not make it. Original video and more can be found at
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  1. What a video! Nice job.

  2. I dont think guns ever had rivets…

  3. yay i ll try right now lol, thanks for share it !

  4. Oh dude, that metal against plastic sound, ahhhh, sends shivers down my spine

  5. wow. at first i was wary about the rivets but they make the gun!!!

  6. It looks awesome! I want to try and design my own from a plastic gun as well. ^^

  7. I just started getting into this stuff today. still have some things to fix. but your awesome! this stuff is awesome! thanks man

  8. amazing

  9. Thank you for your comments. Make something marvelous!

  10. You are a wonderful teacher, thank you so much for sharing this on Youtube!

  11. well, yes i did :D 

  12. Thank you for your comment. I am happy to hear you enjoyed my videos. There is a big steampunk community on Facebook and you should also join the Steampunk Empire.

  13. I really liked your videos, recently I know this world of Steampunk, I’m thinking of putting into practice your advice, greetings from Argentina!. Gustavo

  14. This is awesome.

  15. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you visited my channel and watched my Prosthetic Heat Ray video.

  16. i really like your videos=) nice work

  17. GREAT

  18. you are a pretty cool guy

  19. guys: buying one of these, made with high quality materials, can cost you up to 1,5k $. check out datamancer[DOT]com, he has a variety of awesome keyboards. I instantly fell in love with those steampunked boards, so I can just recommend you: go to ebay, buy an old tipewriter (1-50$) and check out Jake von Slatt’s guide. You will have to put some time and effort into it, but I think wasting a week of your life is better than wasting 1500 $.

  20. i want one but too young to make it

  21. Im making one!

  22. I want a shop room! I’d make my own!

  23. I really don’t belive it… this is what is always have in mind. I love this stuf so much…