1. vidio?sounds like ur saying dildo..

  2. thats intense 

  3. this is dieselpunk not steampunk

  4. I remember when I saw the opening of this film the WWIish style battles/uniforms… then the horrible mutant aspect, and then crummy story telling ruined it all. xD

  5. sorry this is not steampunk its more dieslepunk

  6. The movie is called Mutant Chronicles. It’s a B movie, but still entertaining.

  7. -.- this is asowme the gore and fight is wayy better

  8. This movie has so much potential, but it ultimately failed. The WWI battle in Sucker Punch was way better.

  9. The movie sucked- it was cool but it sucked, watch it on Syfy

  10. Great use of Kamelot

  11. Which is a shame because the opening, where they took this footage, was so promising. After this part, though, it just went down the crapper.

  12. Id say this is “Dieselpunk” Looks fantastic though. Punk call’s for a scifi edge,,, If anything its would be diesel for sure….

  13. The song compliments the clip.