Steampunk Vampire Music Video – ‘Goodbye Happiness’ by Birthrite – Theme from ‘Blood and Bone China’

Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in Videos | 31 comments Facebook Twitter: Music video for the ‘Blood and Bone China’ theme song, ‘Goodbye Happiness’ from Midlands based steampunk band, Birthrite. Follow Birthrite on Facebook: http SOLD! Holds a 1.5W blue laser. Will burn your skin and BLIND YOU INSTANTLY. Dont play around with lasers that powerful!
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  1. Wicked!

  2. Love the music. Some excellent rock guitar. We can rock here in the midlands! I hail from Derby, just up the A50. The series is great. Can;t wait for more?!

  3. This is the magnifc steampunk art
    very very good!!

  4. Very cool guys!

  5. I adore this video! It really captivates the attention and makes a person want to (re)watch Blood and Bone China! -Midi

  6. love his video, awesome song hi from colombia :)

  7. Great job

  8. Ooo Chris you big tease ;)  XD

  9. :) :):)

  10. allot of people said that there was no money for it …yay will be watching lol ! x

  11. “Gutted that there wont be a series 2″
    Who said that? Watch this space ;-) 

  12. Love it ,, love the series .. gutted that there wont be a series 2 x

  13. Yes, I get that!

  14. I was going to try and find a different word than funeasy06, but I gave up. Brilliant. Just brilliant. :D

  15. Starts 400$.

  16. Im interested if the price is right for me.

  17. That’s soooooooooo awesome!!! :D

  18. I will.


  20. The idea in general is kinda cool, thats why I made it :)

  21. :D  the battery case was a awesome idea!

  22. Still its the Settler pistol :p

  23. Sorta reminds me of the Flare Gun weapons from TF2.

  24. There are 4W diodes already, but they are not available yet…from what Ive heard.

  25. I see you use the ncr battery, good choice and what sweet looking build, have a dozen builds myself and seem to be addicted, my latest useing massive copper heatsinking and the new 9mm 445 diode from dtr’s laser shop and the cajun lasers adjustable v3 buck driver. Im looking foreward to the next evolution of these diodes of maybe 4-5 w, heck who knows but I cant help but to wonder what output we could get if there was a compact pulse driver with adjustable pulse width and duration to work with.

  26. :) 

  27. wow….haha LOVE it!

  28. No….the settler gun…

  29. You have created the nazi zombies ray gun

  30. Ask Wicked Lasers.

  31. how much did this sell for?