Steampunk Transformer

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Steampunk Transformer

This is a steampunk carriage transformer that was made during the third semester of Virtual Design at the University of Applied Science Kaiserslautern. Modeling, texturing, tracking, animation, rendering as well as compositing was made by myself. Thanks to Mackevision ( for supplying video footage. Please visit my blog for upcoming videos You can find the compositing breakdown here:
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  1. Cool

  2. Heyy thats a nice looking cart-omg ITS A ROBOT!

  3. @qawamity you dont know what steampunk is do you?

  4. tc

  5. niedlich :-)

  6. Love this vid <3

  7. Great work!

  8. The mechanical design leaves a lot to be desired. That aside, very well done.

  9. Steampunk rules! :D 

  10. Trollolololol

  11. O.O….wow sweet!! Nice job!!

  12. AWESOME!! Too bad this was a project and not going to be a movie or video game. I’d totally buy it.

  13. Looks retarded

  14. Awesome work!

  15. tbh, it is very good! and the lighting is perfect! but.. it should have been a ship instead of a buggy:) lolz jkjk its great!

  16. Very well done!

  17. Now we need the figure… oh Encline….

  18. Great! :-D 

  19. So much back-kibble XD
    Awesome work!

  20. VERY Excellent for sure !  GOOD JOB !

  21. this is epic! the animation and modelling is top notch!

  22. that is one awesome automaton. 

  23. That is one awesome automiton

  24. good job~

  25. Who said in older times there was lower technology? XD…It was great…