steampunk tea making [kinetic art]

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steampunk tea making [kinetic art]

my new generation of tea bag jigglers
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This is what I like about the French. They appreciate unorthodox artistic things. Recently took a motorcycle trip to Quebec and saw thise nice people operating these freaky Dr. Suess-like machines. Each machine had acoustic and electronic instruments buit into it. Every thing was linked by Apple computers and Wi-Fi. Each machine had it’s own sound which added to the muliti-dimensional effect. Yes, those are Leslie speakers on a couple of the machines. Their website :
Video Rating: 5 / 5



  1. Its so odd, but i liked it

  2. slosh slosh slosh. ^^

  3. LOL. I’d buy it

  4. OH. MY. GOD.


  5. i need one of those

  6. i like it nice work

  7. i didn’t like tea either, I made them to trick myself into it…r

  8. waha:D

    i’m sorry that i don’t like to drink warm or hot tea^^that’s so cute:D

  9. This is so completely useless, it’s wonderful!! :-D I love it!

  10. Teabagging FOR THE WIN!!

  11. That is very cool.

  12. who cares if it’s loud, that thing is frikin great! It gets those tea leaves a movin for that oh so just right cup o tea.

  13. Your grandmother would be having a fit watching it. Even if it was quieter you couldn’t hold a conversation because she’d be laughing too hard.

  14. this is obviously a necessity for 21st century living … it will save me so much time!

  15. Is jiggling an essential part of tea making when using bags? I just let the darn thing sit there.

  16. this is really fantastic.

  17. k Brutalidade…do outro mundo…Expectacular…Mto mto bom

  18. Wow