Steampunk Spider Band performs Electrorachnid Soda Pop – Animusic style Animated Music Video

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Steampunk Spider Band performs Electrorachnid Soda Pop - Animusic style Animated Music Video

The Steampunk Spider Band performs Electrorachnid Soda Pop. The Steampunk Spider Band was conceptualized by Jason Ward and Kelley Ward. The band, including the Electro Ball Machine, was then modeled and rigged for animation using Blender. After several checks re-checks and modifications the final scene came together. It was then rendered using Blender’s built in rendering software by Electrorachnid Soda Pop is the newest music track composed by Jason Ward. This name was selected due to the electronic pop sound of the new track and pays homage to Ray Lynch and his classic electro pop track, “Celestial Soda Pop”. A special thank you to all those who helped and / or inspired me in the creation of this video including: Kelley Ward ~ Spider concept Ray Lynch ~ For his musical influence on me Animusic ~ The original master of animated music videos Paweł Adamowicz ~ Music animation synchronization script Blender Foundation ~ Free modeling and rendering software Be sure to watch my other Animated Music Videos: Tiny Bouncing Objects 2.0 ~ Antimatter Raystorm ~
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  1. Thank you. Your stop motion videos are pretty cool too, nicely done. =)

  2. This is amazing, I love the pipe dream-esque machine thing and the creativity shown in this is incredible. Nicely done!

  3. This is awesome!

  4. Techtarantula i want one :/

  5. hay JasonWardStudios you rock i love your music i wish i would have found you earler than this i will never think of music in the same way thanks so much

  6. i am with ya on that

  7. Thank you! That was the goal, to have every single instrument heard in the music represent by a visual feature in the video. I am glad you enjoyed watching and listening.

  8. very awesome, it was fun keeping my attention focused on what exactly was creating which sounds and trying to keep my attention focused on each individual part as a new one was introduced… great video-work and song!

  9. music music music music music music huh odd when i make this comment it sound like music music music music MUSIC u TAKE OVER my LIFE

  10. It was! It was very fun to create this video. I had a great time modeling the scene and creating the animations to drive it in time to my music.

  11. That was fun!!

  12. if only the spiders in my house were this cool…

  13. I am sure arachnophobia plays a large part in how palatable this video is to some people. Thank you for taking the time to watch even though you were creeped out by it.

  14. It’s actually interesting, I researched spiders a little bit while I was making this video just out of curiosity to learn more about how they behave and move. I learned a lot about the little critters.

  15. im forced to retink how i feel about spiders

  16. im forced to rethink how i feel about spiders

  17. My biggest phobia and you do animusic with it. EEWWW! NICELY DONE! WAS ABLE TO WATCH IT. STILL CREEPED OUT. hAHA LIKE THE CREATIVITY. WELL DONE!