Steampunk Speed Photoshop

Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Videos | 7 comments

Just a quick photo manipulation (8 and half hours :p). Havent done one in a while so need to brush up on my skills as you see but still ended up with the end result i wanted regardless. Please comment and give me some feedback. Thanks!! Hope you enjoy :) Credits for the stock photos go to these people on Virtualissimo, Hatestock, doko_stock, tigg_stock, altaria13, monsterkookies, scarystock, falln, indeed, steamsociety, catherinetterings, diarment, wazzy88, adenmediagroup, mirandarose, spectral, hokum-deadfall, ambassadormann, fibreciment. Many regards and thank you for the stock images. Music: ES Posthumus – ARISE, Unstoppable.

For the want of a head, an engine was lost, for the want of an engine, a crop was lost, for the want of a crop, the farm was lost, you know that story, it goes on and on,, don’t even think about cost,, brazing the frost crack, flux coated brazing rods with added flux, use a lot of flux, good clean metal, just heat-er up and watch that brass flow, after heating to brazing temperature this crack repair took a total of 32 minutes from start to finish, oxygen and acetylene torch braze-welding, you could say I like it for a cast iron repair, valve guides, intake and exhaust valves, springs and keepers, cutting new valve seats with the neway seat cutter, we gettin’ er done, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, Fairbanks-Morse 1 1/2 HP dishpan engine,(solid flywheels) type “Z”, hit and miss, buzz coil & battery ignition, single cylinder, hopper cooled, portable or stationary farm power,, next, milling the heads, to be continued,,



  1. This is great! I plan to do a steampunk piece myself this was super great helping me get ideas and techniques I should use

  2. wow. don’t stare at that bright light!

  3. Looks like some fly cutting with a face mill next! Rock on.

  4. Good repair,do you use a neutral flame? thanks.

  5. Great job Sam! It’s awesome to see someone doing things the good ole way! and the right way.

  6. Never seen anyone braze with a cutting torch. Good job!

  7. Thumbs up & all the stars !