Steampunk Sniper Rifle

Posted by on Apr 1, 2013 in Videos | 17 comments

This is the third version of this Steampunk gun that I’ve made and it’s the best. It’s styled after an 1800′s sniper rifle and is made from wood, PVC, and va…
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  5. Thanks man. Some people just don’t know (or care about) history. =)

  6. The scopes were actually that size, even up through WWII

  7. poo gnarly

  8. I know, it’s wicked cool man.

  9. Long ass scope rofl

  10. Roll ip

  11. lol

  12. I know so.

  13. can you see thru the scope? …. i dont think so

  14. How much would you charge to make this…?

  15. Looks great!

  16. Your Like A Seriously Upgraded Version of Kip Kay. Your Brilliant

  17. SIC!!! Lol I think the scope needs to be a bit longer :P i’m joking I love it