Steampunk Sleeping Beauty – Photomanipulation

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Steampunk Sleeping Beauty - Photomanipulation http Music: The Clockwork Quartet – The Watchmaker’s Apprentice
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Read the description! *** LittleBigPlanet playthrough, with commentary Part 39 Bonus – Community Levels North America The Steampunk Samurai Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: Watch as James C. goes through a majority of this level by himself! Players: octaneblue dembonez19 jasonmnosaj aka allcreator komepelu *** LittleBigPlanet playlist: Credits: Intro art by Ruby ( Intro animation by Jesse ( Ending art by James C. ( Developer: Media Molecule Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment System: PlayStation 3 Recorded with the Hauppauge HD PVR.



  1. Super awesome story song! I loved it! Had me hanging on every line!:D

  2. beautiful voice :) b

  3. Is it a soundtrack for a movie or sth?

  4. In the words of the great Jonny Rotten,”You ever get the feeling youre being cheated?” Or maybe I just missed something.

  5. lovee the art, and the song is perfect with it!!

  6. She’s Leaving Home like!

  7. This is The Watchmaker’s Apprentice by the Clockwork Quartet. Look up their other song The Doctor’s Wife.

  8. wow. that is really amazing. you do have some skills!! and a very cool imagination.

  9. Would be an awesome Album Cover!
    You have skills!

  10. Everything about this video works! Especially the music.

  11. Thank you so much

  12. Awesome video! You have truly great Photoshop skills, but it’s your imagination that amazes me most! Brilliant work!! I’mma DeviantWATCH you right away, expect a Llama too! :D

  13. Sorry I meant metal dump

  14. Lmao Major difficulties with the Gundamn Pilots… This was awkward…. Why did Heero Yuy in the red mobile suite kept shooting all the time? Even without any foes b4 him? XD At the end it look like a metal dumb… Awesome