SteamPunk Short Film – Magmanite

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SteamPunk Short Film – Magmanite

This short-film was commissioned by “Altroquando Fantasy Club” to promote the campaign of live role-playing game called “MAGMANITE”. Written and Directed by Riccardo Tropea Directors of Photography Riccardo Tropea & Giulia Amato Editing & Post-Production Riccardo Tropea Cast father Salvatore Torrisi daughter Giordana Longhitano hunter Aldo Cantarella thugs Livio Arcidiacono Giuseppe Secolo Simone Zappalà undertakers Dario Spoto Giorgio Marino inquisitors Giuliano Manciagli Valeria Leone Cristina Fagone Alma Scalia costumes and sets Alma Scalia Valeria Leone Giuseppe Secolo Backstage Giulia Amato Make-up Alma Scalia



  1. Oooh, I like it! ~

  2. best video on youtube by far

  3. Steampunk! <3 *_* Stupendo!

  4. Excellent, well done chaps. Caught my attention till the end!

  5. beautiful video

  6. That was a marvellous peice of work sir,

  7. Thx ;) 

  8. dude, this is injenious work you did here. you dont see much (or at least i haven,t) video that are completely silent and are this good. i hope to see more like this soon. Oh ya and it great that your showing the steampunk sub-fiction off.

  9. bravo BRAVA encore encore !!!

  10. I really enjoyed this, including the music it really made this short film.

  11. muy grande!