Steampunk Robot Arm Prop

Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Videos | 25 comments

This is a prop that I built for my college film final project. It’s based on plans that I found on deviant art.
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  1. NEVER!

  2. So when is this steampunk fad going to end?

  3. $50 to $60? how does that sound?

  4. nice

  5. Aternox….right?

  6. Can you please tell me what steampunk is

  7. Yea, all you have to do is slap some part’s together, but it’s how you put it together and finding part’s that’s harder :)

  8. yes. i am Jack Black

  9. you sound like jack black 0.0 also your name is jacob… hmmm r u jack black?!

  10. i can’t blame you but it is very cool

  11. man i can’t blame you but the maket just isn’t there

  12. for the amount of time i put into it, I wouldn’t let it go for that low.

  13.  i would pay 25 to 30 $

  14. i really hadn’t thought of selling it. what would you be willing to pay for it?

  15. how much would you sell it for

  16. it wasn’t a video, it was a very detailed diagram by a guy named “Andrew Hillman”

  17. Who was the artist? I’m desperately trying to find that tutorial video on deviantArt

  18. it doesn’t have the dexterity of a regular hand. it’s only as strong as the wearer. all the gauges and pipes are just for show

  19. Just wondering, do you lift anything better when using that?

  20. i see thank you ^^

  21. I took them out of pens

  22. what poundage did you use for the springs?

  23. nope. i made this a few months earlier from plans i found online

  24. very nice design. Did you use Indy mogul as a jump off point ?

  25. I want one.