Steampunk Revolution by Abney Park

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 22 comments

THIS ALBUM IS ON SALE NOW AT:! This video was assembled from clips sent in from hundreds of steam punks around the world. Thank you all for your contributions! See end credits for a detailed list.
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. I wish it was on iTunes already

  2. man i wish i was handy and new how to design these outfits i would love a clock work suit

  3. I want to buy it on iTunes too …

  4. where was that trainhouse thing from?

  5. Abney Park should come to Colombia or Mexico


  7. How long before Ancient World is out on itunes so I can get this here in NZ?

  8. Will there be a mp4 downloadable version of the album anytime soon?

  9. Will this album be available for sale on emusic?

  10. You guys should come to Michigan. D:

  11. I’ll let you know now, I logged in just to say this. No. you, good sir/madam, are every sort of wrong there could possibly be in this world. Good day

  12. free download is available in the Abney Park Market :)

  13. So much awesomeness in 0:14! Worth the whole video

  14. @abneypark…Has your group ever toured in Europe? I ask because I believe you could be really big there & Japan would be another interesting place to do a tour there too… P[lay on!

  15. Cause Can.

  16. This this THIS!

  17. Awesome music, my freind recommended this band and I am glad she did, they are awesome!, and the outfits give them bonus cool points as well.

  18. 0:52 <3 sexy guitar

  19. The free download of your song “Things Could be Worse” from your site won me over to buy the album. I don’t suppose you get the flu any time during the making of the album. I like the sound of your music when you are forced to belt it out.

  20. wait, is this a steampunk band? THAT IS AWSOME!!!

  21. can someone post the Itunes link cuz I cant find this anywere.

  22. OK, looks like something I want to get next paycheck.