Steampunk record player – first full test with steam.

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Videos | 18 comments

This is my steam-punk record player. Details available here: This is the first ever test of the steampunk record player using live steam. I didn’t want to risk my Sex Pistols LP until I knew it was going to be safe so I found an alternative record to use. Sorry about that. Yes, you’ve been Rick steam rolled.



  1. Useless way to play vinyl – You Fail!

  2. Just got rick-rolled !
    I prefered the sex pistols version :)

  3.  Needs a heavy flywheel.

  4. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! As a collestor of records and being fascinated by old engines, I LOVE this! You, Sir, are a GENIOUS! I just played the same 12″ disc the other day, but the US verion (black label, colored dog & horn logo). I just can’t get over this! Again…YOU ARE AWESOME!! Thanks for this! ;)

  5. C’est beau le progrès!

  6. I wouldnt get within 50 feet of that contraption. major props tho

  7. I find it somewhat satisfying that if played enough on this contraption, the vinyl will warp and be unplayable. Heheh good work

  8. Never gonnanana give youuu uuuupppp

  9. Are you going to improve ? Because it doesnt reach 35 rpm :D

  10. Needs a heavy fast spinning flywheel to even out the speed.

  11. Needs a speed governor to maintain a consistent RPM, but cool.

  12. This is really cool. Too bad you can’t keep it at a more consistent speed so the music does not warble so much.

  13. thats not rick rolling :D

    the song itself aint gay… the video is :D

    so sorry, you need to make steam VCR.

  14. I want one…where can i place my order?

  15. God it sounds so good

  16. I’m rick rolled again!!!

  17. I’d make a bad joke about the number of dislikes, but there are none.
    Seriously though, THAT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  18. Worlds most drawn out rick roll.