Steampunk Raygun update 1

Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Videos | 8 comments

New design, new cool bits



  1. needs sound C’mon

  2. Bitchin awesome raygun, i would make my raygun steampunk but i dont have enogh money at the time. :(

  3. Pew pew indeed. Screw what I suggested on the other video, this looks awesome.

  4. Other than that, it’s friggin awesome!

  5. Might I make a suggestion(assuming you’ve not made any mods since this video): A sheet metal(preferably brass, polished then stained[or vice versa, I can't remember])housing for the motor section so it may be holstered and/or concealed comfortably. A simple way of doing it would be to buy the sheet, make a template and then trace-cut out the template and using a wide handled broomstick mold the shape of the cylinder diameter to the housing spec.  The polish/stain bit is to color it to spec.

  6. loook s really good, i love the use of electirical motors on the barrel very awsome, ive only got a few crappy diddy ones XD extremely awsome

  7. I think overall I preferred the design before the new bits – besides the concave lens and the copper/iron wire sight.

  8. looks awesome!