Steampunk Polymer Clay Chameleon, Dragon Fly and Gargoyle

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My Blog for my Art work: My Etsy Store: Please Subscribe is FREE!!! Love Christi Friesen books so I learned how to do this cute little guys with lots of cool tehcniques on how to make Steampunk figures with polymer clay. I’m also showing you some of the things I’ve been working on for the past days for my friends. Thank you for watching!!!
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We rehearse deep in the Belly of the HMS Ophelia, in our Post Apocalypse Studio. This little video was just filmed during practice, I still can’t get over how many hits its gotten! You can get Abney Park CD’s at
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  1. Thank you for your reply, I have finally found somewhere in England I can get the triple thick so might try that. Really enjoy your videos, thank you for the one explaining the difference between some of the clays.Keep posting. :)

  2. I use Sculpey, Sculpey Primo and Fimo for my small projects, depending on what I’m doing to glaze them I use Sculpey Glaze or Triple Thick they are both great. If you go through my videos you woud see those products in action. Ms Friesen is amazing, love her, I’m honored to inspired you :)

  3. Thanks for the sub and I will visit your channel :)

  4. Thanks, Steampunk is my favorite thing to do to my clay work. You should try it is really cool :D

  5. i came across these guys like 6 months ago and i cant stop listing to them i love them and i want more of the sweet sweet violin :-D

  6. Must learn bass lines. Dan…. TEACH ME!

  7. I’ve always been fascinated with old age modernization of sorts. Abney Park is no exception, I love their outfits, and their music has it’s own incredible and unique sound, it makes me want to take up steampunk engineering as a hobby job

  8. I have just discovered Abney park on secondlife while attending someone’s party. I fell in love with the sound and discovered more. I am enjoy Captain Robert and his talented team! I am gathering together my first steampunk fashion at age 46. Wooot!

  9. one of my favorite songs of all time!!

  10. Cosplaying as an airship pirate! Me sip is called Black Steam, me mate. Ye are me next victim!

  11. Oooh even better! Thanks for letting me know.

  12. >.> That’s where they’re from man.

  13. Found my way here from your RPG’s website and just heard this song. You’re amazing! :D

  14. You really need to come to Cleveland, Ohio!!! I need to see the props!!

  15. You guys have to tour the east coast. Or atleast play a few shows here on the east.

  16. sorta has the creativiy of primus but with more steampunk

  17. I apologize for my earlier outburst fellow comrades,i just wanted to point out that i like the goggles.

  18. GOGGLES!

  19. ^^ It’s kinda funny and cute that you can see someones daughter dancing in the foreground towards the end.