Steampunk Parking Lot (or, in line at the Edwardian Ball)

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Steampunk Parking Lot (or, in line at the Edwardian Ball)

Steampunk parking lot — or, in line at the Edwardian Ball, Los Angeles 2011 Canon 550D T2i eos footage music by Rosin Coven
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  1. 0:11 white dressed, dancing lady looks like LADY GAGA!!!!!!!!!

  2. I Found the Gold by Rosin Coven

  3. First Song?  I need like O2.

  4. The Lady at 1:49 is delicious!

  5. Looks pretty cool, but is that really steampunk? The definition seems to be shifting :/

  6. Very cool. Great job Mark. Saw this on Laughing Squid.

  7. I’m the group at 1:17, far right with the mad red hair :D

  8. Do you ever plan on doing comedy again?

  9. There was a much smaller number of Goggles than I expected!

  10. Right? Check that eyebrow quirk! Meow.

  11. I love how they’re like pictures of people, but they’re not. So much better than a slideshow of just pictures:) Seems like a fun event btw!

  12. lol thats me and my girl on 0:04-0:05

  13. Oh, mr. 0:42. you are just scrumptious.

  14. excellent – will wait for the next part – where was this event?
    Special nod to finding just the right music – you are a man of means for that!

  15. 0:10 LADY GAGA, RUN!

  16. Beautiful song and lovely people…

  17. Being only 13, I have no idea what these events are.
    But I want to go to one, they look really awesome.
    Can you shed some light on what these are, Mark?