“Steampunk Panda” – Anime Speedpaint – Photoshop

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Finished Product: victorianpanda.deviantart.com ***ATTENTION*** I DO NOT own the music in this video Artist: Lisa Gerrard Song: Vespers No copyright infringement intended

Gotham City Impostors - Nothing Lasts Forever - Enjoy It

Just a quick video letting you guys know that things change and things very soon will be changing for a lot of younger people as things they grew up with start to die out. Follow me!!! twitter.com www.facebook.com In this Gotham City Impostors Multiplayer Team Death Match Bounty Hunter Gameplay Commentary on the Multiplayer DLC Map 25th Floor Home of No Joinable Gang I am using the Huntsman Semi Automatic Assault Rifle with a Reflex Sight Shredder Ball Bearing Light Machine Gun with Reflex Sight Burly Custom Character Body Type Loadout Inflatable Insoles Support Gadget Vigor Chug Energy Drink Support Item Wall Flower Fun Fact 1 Hard Target Fun Fact 2



  1. Growing old in inevitable, growing up is optional.

    -Jim Davis

  2. nope its an original weapon, its called the huntsman

  3. what was the first primary gun on your class and is it from a dlc?

  4. But I don’t want to grow up :’(

  5. Old man MAK <3

    Just joking man, good to hear a nice chat from you there. Good ol Sega.

  6. I miss my sega genesis. I did get sonic the hedgehog, streets of rage, golden axe, and doom off of xbl arcade to relive my younger years though.

  7. That’s me :D lol

  8. Is the kid you were talking about 2 bucks?

  9. If MS were to make a website just for Xbox game play that won’t take away a lot of people because YouTube is not just game play commentators.
    To be honest if MS did make a site it would probably be nothing but CoD and Halo and would probably be put up to only get the things we record, we would still have to Download, Edit,Render, and then Upload it to another site, maybe YouTube.
    So I don’t think YouTube will be going anywhere anytime soon.
    But I know what you mean about “Nothing Last Forever”.

  10. thats what they said about adobe flash. html5 will put it to sleep. so many companies go under from mismanagement or from lack of competition that they kill themselves by changing things thats not broken. youtube is no different.

  11. lol thats what they said about AOL lol

  12. until youtube dies

  13. I remember my bro buyin me my first PS1 when I was 10 lol best day ever gotta miss the simpler times

  14. really crappy lol

  15. lol im highly aware of that. i remember reading about it in EGM at the time. honestly i bought a sega saturn at the time because i didnt think sony would ever be taken seriously. i expected it to be the next atari jaguar. i was wrong lol

  16. hey MAK. Did you know Nintendo was responsible for the PS1? They wanted a cd rom drive for the SNES to compete with Sega CD. They started sony on development. Then when they saw sega cd bombing they pulled the plug leaving sony holding the unused hardware. Tah Dah! The Playstation begins. Hahaha, stupid nintendo!

  17. you can downgrade the game on the pc.and how crappy are those computers?i run minecraft just fine on my pentium 4.