Steampunk – Pageants, Curls, Ribbons and Bows – Moth

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Tree Snow is available for download from Not Steampunk Music, but Music by Steampunks! This is the official video for Moth’s song “Pageants, Curls, Ribbons and Bows”, from the Album Tree Snow. Everything you hear and see was crafted by Ben “Cubinoid” and Tixia Henderson. Including the decapitated, tattooed dolls heads, the hats and the robots. A collection of Tixia’s hats and robots were exhibited in The Greatest Steampunk Exhibition at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum (June 4th – August 29th) prior to the making of this video. It was the longest running exhibition of steampunk art and artifacts in the world. Moth’s music and videos were also played there. This video was first publicly displayed on 25th February 2012 – at The First Surrey Steampunk Convivial, with a live performance by Moth including Hilary Insall on cello, Cubinoid on Bayan, and Tix singing, to a projection of the video. Richard Ochampaugh, the actor was present at the Convivial and much tea and cake was consumed. Special thanks to our wonderful actors and actresses: Richard Ochampaugh Helen Brushett Mikala Peter Kopinski Chris Heyward Elle Sinclair Jasmine Henderson Clive Popkin Lyrics: Tixia Instruments: Cubinoid Video: Cubinoid
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  1. I’ve added a link to cdbaby for anyone who fancies listening to the album, or supporting our hobby by buying an album.

  2. Thank you! We had a lot of fun making it. Richard is a great actor, as is Helen. We were blessed to have them appear.

  3. Love this song and kept repeat playing the video - where is the Tree Snow album available for purchase? Great to see Richard Coeur de Lion II steal the show!
    Thanks MOTH!