Steampunk Opera Overture.wmv

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Steampunk Opera Overture.wmv

The opening instrumental number in A Steampunk Opera (The Dolls of New Albion) Download and own!: To listen to all of Act 1: For the entire album (listen or heaven forbid, buy: For ongoing updates of the opera visit



  1. The synopsis for the album is just beautiful, and of course not to mention the tracks themselves ~ well done my friend, regards and wishes for your continued brilliance and success.

  2. This is brilliant, amazing! I could listen to it all day! I will in fact

  3. This stuff ist totally awesome!

  4. It’s there! Look at Show More!

  5. Yup. YouTube won’t let me post the link as a comment, but look just under the video in the Show More section and the link to the full album is there.

  6. Wow! Very great steampunk music! Exactly what I was looking for! :D 

  7. I feel the steampunk movement is an elitist fantasy that ignores the harsh conditions of the lower classes during Victorian times.

  8. I bout the first group of songs, definitely worth it.

  9. It’s the image that became the poster for the hoax “The Legend of Zelda: Valley of the Flood”

  10. 911 likes so far. Nice.

  11. wow it is fucking good

  12. So the’re here then?

  13. You’re welcome :D 

  14. Great music.
    It makes me think of the drawings of Piranesi

  15. Holy crap! What is this perfection I just listened to?

  16. 0:01 to 1:30 gives me such dark mysterious images. That’s some Dreamshit right there!

  17. Your time is up – it’s April 2012 now.

  18. I wish you all the best with this project, I’m actually studing computer science, so maybe I should make one game about steam and punk :P You gave me beautiful idea :)

  19. Magical!

  20. This is fantastic!! Has anyone written the libretto? Can’t wait to see the movie! :) M

  21. Sounds a bit like that song from Golden Eye 64 around 1:30 mark

  22. Well Written