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An item for TVNZ’s programme “Close Up” in which I was creative director, second camera and editor for on the Steampunk community in Oamaru. A great yarn featuring some amazing characters who have created an entertaining and fun fantastical world in New Zealand’s steampunk capital. Cameraman : James Marshall, Reporter : Alexi OBrian, Creative Director, 2nd Camera, Editor Paul Sparkes, Music : Steampunk Revolution by Abney Park
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  1. I live in oamaru and am a frequent visitor to steampunk hq. they where closed for the winter for a couple of months, mainly because the buildings in that part of town get REALLY cold in winter and there aren’t as many people around. its open now though!

  2. Love it. :) 

  3. They were obviously trapped in another time dimension trying to capture aliens to bring back through the time portal hidden inside. :-)

  4. I was in Oamaru just recently and was mostly impressed by the architectural history BUT, and a big BUT the Steampunk HQ guys were never open that was my main reason for visiting >> Steampunk HQ said open daily at 10 am etc but while I was their for 3 days and all of them week days, the place ‘NEVER!!!’ was open. very dinkydonk guys