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John Cullum and Emily Frankel chat about his rehearsals in a new show, and Em’s Talkery, her blog about Steampunk — It’s art, clothing, furniture, inspired by the Victorian age, and men who invented fanciful machines with gears, hinges, leather, and brass pipes, to take them to the moon.
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Electromechanical Chastity Belt / Anti-Rape Device by Artist Ira Sherman
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  1. Being a fan of Steampunk culture, I really enjoyed this vlog. Very informative. And I like your ‘looks’ and the lighting. Thanks Em & John!

  2. belated response to your comment. (we’re just learning how to handle You tube.

    Poverty made us Steampunked. Scrounging, picking up junk from the streets here in Manhattan. Thanks for commenting. Emily F