Steampunk / Neo-Victorian Inspired makeup ……. (Subculture Series with Hollywoodnoirmakeup)

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Steampunk / Neo-Victorian Inspired makeup ……. (Subculture Series with Hollywoodnoirmakeup)

Hey guys!! This is my interpretation of what I would think is fitting for the steampunk or Neo-Victorian look. I personally love Victorian vintage style fashion & the romantic feel to it! Subscribe to Ashley’s channel to see her version of this look….. My other looks from this Series ….. Cyberpunk looks!! My website ….. Twitter ….. http Non Makeup twitter ….. E-Mail ….. Music provided by The BlackNote Project! Thanks for watching guys :) xx
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*sorry vid gets cut of at the end, out of memory* basicly this is a video of my newist creations the steampunk weapons. i have been into steampunk for 2 years now and failed to create anything exept for my awesome goggles and melee weapons. i had attempted guns before but they were shite. these are 2 of my latest that have turned out very well. firstly you need to find a toy gun/BBgun. then base paint it black then get another paint (i used game workshops shining gold. you could use gun metal or mithril silver for a silver effect) and dry brush it on to achieve a worn rusted effect. put a small ammount on a dry brush and start to paint an old newspaper untill there is not much left on the brush, then lightly brush all over the gun and leave to dry. a second layer should be applied were the gun would be naturally worn for example the magazine, the trigger and the barrel. then its the fun part. find a load of crap in a garage or under the stairs or spend money if you realy want to (i didnt spend a penny on EITHER of these guns, not even on paint or glue, i found it in the house, seriously just look around before you break out the wallet) and glue it on with super glue. i used lots of assorted shite on my 2 weapons including light bulbs, copper piping and even a motorbike throttle. to be honest just have fun with it what ever you do will only be liked by some and dissliked by others, that is how the world works as long as you like it forget about the people that dont. keep
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. I am in freaking love with this makeup look!! and I lOVE steampunk!! <3 thanks so much for this I am def gonna try my best to recreate it!!

  2. ^_^

  3. I love the look and you’re very pretty :)

  4. loveee this look!

  5. Whoops!

  6. Oh man, this took me AGES but I found the name of the song, which isn’t the For Diego one you said it was. It’s Mayan Tears, in the vol. 1 album!

  7. Not really:0

  8. Remarkable! Your attention to detail is fantastic. Have you ever considered taking up painting miniatures? :-)

  9. Nice one:) x

  10. i actually am steampunk, and i dont really do my makeup, but im thinking of doing it like this… lol

  11. It’s Kryolan also. x

  12. Amazing! Could you tell me what brand the cream eyeshadow is please? I’m looking into getting hold of some Kryolan ones and wanted to know if it was one of those. I’ll be catching up with your vids over the next few days. Keep up the good work!

    Lou x

  13. This music is perfect for it. :P . Good makeup, by the way.

  14. Not likely:)

  15. Good stuff! x

  16. This is awesome. And it helped a lot with my Steampunk look!

  17. I really adore your eyelids. :)

  18. Are you a belly dancer?

  19. Cheers! x

  20. Question my first ever product you can call it hard but i have this lighter pistol you will see a pirate with it I am trying to make it into a double barel shotgun sawn off can i paint over the wood like youve done ps his technique is dry brushing

  21. effect effect effect effect lol

  22. But does it blend?

  23. that looks amazing

  24. Pretty much yes. But also give a brass color and make it look very unique.

  25. lol epic instructions :P get some shit with no need (y)

  26. no, it will cause aids.

  27. What’s the best way to make something like a steampunk handgun a worn, beat up look?

  28. My goodness mr.psi vampire, you are highly attractive!!!


  29. shouldnt be too difficult. screw on some brass colored aluminum sheeting, make holes to screw in lightbulbs and other wires and junk. of course u have to defile an instrument but it could be worth it if u get the right effect

  30. @swordmanjrr its not that hard to get into if you like creating ideas and like the look and feel of it then go ahead

  31. Cool stuff. Ever modified an instrument?


    (Vernian Process)

  32. i was thinking about getting into steampunk is it a good idea?