Steampunk Necklace Tutorial

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 30 comments

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I was working on my nerf steampunk guns and came up with an idea for some goggles… made a couple of sets and they look great, so heres how I make them.. They are a design in progress so will improve in time… I do take commisions so if you want a set or a steam punked nerf then drop me a line at . I mention a mesh that is very easy to work with and cut with sissors – this is carbody mesh for use with fibreglass… you can get it from any carbody shop!
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. me also steam punk called lia

  2. you know whats allot cheaper than wrapping wire phone wire strip it and you get more and you can actually solder to it

  3. omg that looks way better than i expacted

  4. They look great!

  5. thanks so much for the generous share~!~

  6. U have really inspired me, I have got loads of watch faces. Have to agree with previous viewer you were a bit far but it is ok for me as I am an experienced jewellery designer. Apart from that it was a really tutorial, well done!

  7. excelente tutorial. muchas  gracias..!

  8. wow i get like 200x the little iron an tin thingys but then again my dad is in the iron buisness :D

  9. solid diamond platium esty prices i saw a jack of blades mask for 300$ and it was not that cool

  10. Prices of these… what are they?

  11. can’t really see what you are doing…thanks anyway
    whats in the tube????????????????????//

  12. I can’t see what you’re doing, you’re so far away!

  13. You can purchase it from our Etsy shop, Unkamensupplies

  14. where do you buy this kit to make there?

  15. That is really impressive!

  16. can’t really see what you are doing…thanks anyway

  17. No….

  18. so.. for you the difference between cybergoth and steampunk is bronze versus metal :P

  19. wauw, you make it look so easy :]

  20. British 2 pence piece!

  21. what is that coin LOL

  22. that was easy i going to give that a try

  23. can you use like soda cans or if that to big

  24. Yes

  25. couldnt you use duct tape?

  26. art attack for cybergoths and steampunks lol awesome

  27. I ^^ will use some of your methods to make my goggles

  28. wtfffff!!!! awesummmm manh

  29. This is so epic, I broke my glasses (only the frame) early ago and I’m getting new one, I want to use my old lenses to make a cybergoggle of it, so I got one which I can actually see through. XD

  30. Love this video! Been searching for something like this for a long time! Thanks!