steampunk music – A Battle Lost and Won – Jon Magnificent

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From the album ‘Airship Adventures’ available at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

steampunk guns, table clock, lamp and vambrace…



  1. ok perhaps I maybe the first female ?

  2. I just read it! You are a gentle and brave spirit. The answer to why we are not part of the natural system lies in the ability of man to use his mind. We are not animals, nor any part of the animal kingdom. But, when bad people exert their rule over others, then we an economic chaos, which forces people to have to do drastic things like you witnessed in order to make enough money to survive. There are people who won’t play that game, like you. I’d like to know more of your story! Keep going!

  3. That is how I found out about you. At the end of their encore, Scary World, which is one of the only versions of that song on youtube, they announce you coming on next. =) This is the story I am working on: mattolefreestate dot webs dot com (kind of personal therapy to move on, but also a story I feel that needs to get out there, since it didn’t get much media coverage, and so nobody knows it happened) It was definitely a flash to the past in survival skills, etc, very surreal.

  4. That’s fantastic that you’re writing! Keep up the good work. I am pleased to provide the background music! Bunny and Michael are good friends. We’ve done several shows at conventions together the last couple of years. Their show at World Steam Expo in May was magic. Best act of the night. (and that night it was SPG, Me, and Abney Park)

  5. Well, just starting. I have a story to tell and it’s been years trying. Then I joined our ISF Book Club on goodreads, and now Bunny Bennett of Steam Powered Giraffe who plays Rabbit, has begun to write a novel this month. She invited us to join her on National Novel Writing Month, with the goal of 250 pages by the end of November. Tonight was the first night I attempted the 2,000 word/day requirement, & it was easier than I thought. I listened to your whole play list. Great music!

  6. Die Irisblenden in dieser Größe sind mind. 100 Jahre alt und stammen vermutlich von alten Plattenkameras. Sie sind aus Messing und sehr aufwendig verarbeitet. So wahrscheinlich nicht mehr oder kaum noch zu bekommen. Es sind Zufallsfunde von Floh- bzw. Antikmärkten…

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  7. wo baht ihr eigentlich die Irisblenden her?

  8. I love that cloke. ^^