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curiosa historia muy bien realizada

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Arthur Christmas Version)

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Arthur Christmas Version). ©: The Island Def Jam Music Group
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  1. cute

  2. That was wonderful! Not only did I enjoy your movie, bu it also made me think about the time I spend with my own parents and children as well. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for being passive aggressive Dad.

  4. love it…….

  5. aww.. such an lovely ending :)

  6. Fucking wraith!

  7. I love this story! I watch this whenever I can! :)

  8. I cried at least twice <3 BRAVO!

  9. and Then he made:

    1. a Time Machine

    2. Dead Ringer [TF2Referense]

    3. Steam?

  10. What a great tale!!! Watched this over and over C:

  11. I liked for the “.mp4″

  12. Love this!!!

  13. I have a warm fuzzie feeling at the end.

  14. muhaha. knew the moral on the first watch. Value is perception.

  15. aww :) 

  16. Meanwhile, a wraith was chilling on a nearby bench, proudly showing off the watch and smiling awkwardly to anyone who walked bye, while inside he wept because his dad didn’t love him.

  17. nice music!

  18. omg I luv that lady doll who’s dancin’..

  19. It’z Unreal! Jus. Bieber Fucks like a horse with His native GF’s pussy here at You SH0ULD see it right now!

  20. #votebieber like now!! were ar having a voting attack!

  21. steam matherfuck punk

  22. That Tune is Funky

  23. Presiona ALT mientras le das like a mi comentario

  24. Zee ve guapoO en el miinuto 3:30

  25. Guuapo

  26. I saw this shit in 3D. Almost died. I love you JUSTEEEEEEEEEEN

  27. 0:17 Te Quiero Wachaaaa =3

  28. My G0D, I can’t belive it! Just. Bieber Fucks like a horse with Selena G0MEZ at G0 F0R it N0W! See link with pleasure!

  29. your my Santa Claus Justin and this version is better then the original xx

  30. your the only one that can make me listen to Christmas music in September. i love you :)

  31. Shake it, shake it baby!

  32. you boyfrend

  33. I can’t believe I’m listening to this in September :) ))


  35. im so excited to watch all the under the mistletoe videos again!! :)

  36. Well I am in the beginning of september, and still listening to christmas songs, thumps up, if you’re too!

  37. he is too sexy to be real ♥

  38. One of my all time xmas songs!! LOVE YOU JUSTIN xxxxx

  39. Merry Christmaaaaaaaaaas :D lol

  40. Beliebers have Christmas time all around the year! Love you Justin 3

  41. Listening this is September.. <3