Steampunk Movie – Kickstarter Video

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Steampunk Movie - Kickstarter Video

This is our pitch video on Kickstarter, for my student thesis film, Monty and the Runaway Furnace. If you like please come to kickstarter and donate. THanks
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Another from the Edison…



  1. needs more monocles

  2. Kinda sick of period pieces about 19th century fantasy bassed on greed. The 19th century paved the way to our prosperity we have today. We had the largest boom in economic growth and population growth AND middle class then any time in history. Our middle class was born in this time period. I wish you the best. I just wish people who want to plunge themselves into a period would first study the FACTS. Not what some people in some book said kind of happened. /rant

  3. great

  4. I would soo see this movie!!!

  5. good luck man!cant wait until the movie is finished!

  6. It’s revolutionary!
    It’s a mug I like it

  7. Bravo!! You are going places bro! You all inspire me~ Best of luck!

  8. Wouldn’t a Scottish accent be… you know, Scottish? the language may be the same but accents tend to very, also i think an Australian accent sounds better >P

  9. 1:19 oh my god that’s a cheap smoke muzzle flash.

  10. music from.. Edward Scissorhands :p

  11. I wish I had money to donate, this would be an epic movie.

  12. @GiromCalica
    Wow…..ponies really are everywhere you go……xD

  13. Man, if Madness Combat, Submachine, Covert Front 4, My Little Pony and God of War could look so steampunk, It’ll double the fun

  14. sexy

  15. The only thing better than Abney Park is more Abney Park.

  16. Steampunk is just a great idea, someone had once upon a time :)

  17. can you download this somewhere?

  18. I’ve discovered that everyone is a tough guy on the internet myself.

    Funny how lack of repercussions brings out the worst in some people isn’t it?

    Or as I like to put it, the day we are able to send a bitchslap through the Internet is the day that it will become civil.

  19. I love how aggressive everyone gets. it’s highly amusing.

  20. You mean the bright green message that you DON’T see if you have those fucking annoying annotations turned off?

  21. @maxminXD Lol.

  22. i soooo love steampunk! i can’t dress up like that cause of my career and job! but i usually add accesories that make my style unique among my area…. this inspires me to write books and draw some manga-style stories!!!

  23. Muito interessante esta banda Abney Park (Steampunk) – as perfomances são excelentes! Congratulatiosn!!!! BrAZIL…..

  24. Captain Robert is SEXY!
    …just had to say it.
    This band is the best band I’ve ever heard. I would travel around the world to see them time after time again

  25. What part of “Click here for newly uploaded MUCH higher quality version of this video” on the bright green background in the first 8 seconds of the video did you not understand?

  26. Fix your videos. For fuck sake, this is the third one that catches every few seconds.

  27. Aging theater students/ tired jedi + glue gun = steampunk.

  28. So, now there is steampunks? I heard of you guys, gears glued to clothing and modern technology, and yet another way for people to express themselves uselessly through fashion. not impressed, oh yah, and one more thing. I have friends who live it, Termite and Vine!

  29. I love this song, but the video doesn´t work properly for me :-(

  30. Could one of your sons or the son of one of your sons adopt me please? But only if they are as awesome as you!

  31. @madamepaj
    you are the coolest mother/grandmother/great-grandmother out there

    to the world
    I love this band

  32. There is something rather wrong with steampunk music featuring an ELECTRIC guitar.

  33. try back later, happens to me on some vids

  34. old lol jk jk jk

  35. yup.

  36. yeah, youtubes preformance doesn’t get any better like this you know