Steampunk Mechanism

Posted by on Jul 15, 2012 in Videos | 18 comments

Steampunk Mechanism

A clockwork mechanism with a working piston. This crafty looking device is going to be installed in my steampunk case mod. More info about the mod can be found here: (in Polish)



  1. Don’t say that! It uhm….causes a tiny little wind and can cut things!^^

  2. Think this is powerful enough to cool my computer?

  3. well clearly it can convert reciprocal motion to rotary motion, or vice versa

  4. des the fan atleast cool you down?

  5. I HAVE AN IDEA! maybe it can do that one thing with the spinning and the yeah

  6. Thats the joy of steam punk. No, it doesn’t

  7. COGS

  8. It’s a thing, and thats what counts.

  9. the spinning got me wet but steam would really get me off thanks for the cool art post!

  10. Behold the self cooling fan!

  11. XD… your name matches your post so well… but really, steampunk originated as literature and even if the thing doesnt actually accomplish any real task, if it does so fictionally it can be considered steampunk… next you will be denouncing steampunk jewlery as a misnomer… this is an underapreciated subculture… keep an open mind… its all fiction in the end =)

  12. its a fan

  13. It’s a system to cool itself! =3

  14. Put your finger in and see!

  15. Go to your address bar, after the word YOU and before the word TUBE, type in “win” then press enter

  16. Go ahead, stick your tongue in there.  I DARE ya’.

  17. so….it doesnt do anything, it spins? you seem to be forgetting that steampunk is defined as a genre where the technology era was sped up hundreds of years so people in the 1800′s had computers and mechanical tech and other such things, you have made a couple of gears turn. sorry but this isnt steampunk

  18. its a great steampunk engine