pics of awesome steampunk mask creations from different artists from all over..i tip my hat to these folks that made these masks…great work
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  1. 1:45 looks like a nazi helmet to me who else thinks that

  2. Can you wear em?

  3. I just steamed my pant’s :(

  4. This has inspired me to make a TF2 steampunk pyro set.

  5. 0:42 PLAGUE DOCTOR!

  6. Some of them look like latex gimp masks… But other than that, awesome

  7. to tell you the truth im really not sure..i think you can.but also think most of them would probably not feel good.most of them dont really have a good shape for where your nose would go causing your face to hurt and some of these mask would just feel to tight i think..iv never worn any of these so i really cant say..but if they are wearable then thats very cool :) they all looks so cool i must say :)

  8.  I have one question.
    Can People wear those masks?

  9. Awesome masks

  10. can u wear it?

  11. i believe that mask was made by Tom Banwell, look him up

    Where can I buy these awesome epic masks sir?

  13. So what exactly is Steampunk? I love it already but I would really like to know what it is and what it’s all about, thanks.