Steampunk Make Up Tutorial – Airship Pirate

Posted by on Jul 21, 2012 in Videos | 23 comments

This is my steampunk airship pirate make up tutorial for my collaboration with LetzMakeup on our subculture series. Siobhan’s contribution was quite elegant and lady like, so I chose to do something in contrast to that and designed something a little more pirate like. I drew upon more of the fantasy elements within the steampunk genre, so I hope you guys like it! Check out my blog where I have posted a few interviews with various steampunk artists and a guest blog by Siobhan about the inspirations behind her steampunk look. If you would like to see Siobhan’s steampunk tutorial, you can find it in the blog post or down below: Check out where you can find related articles, product reviews, pictures, tutorials, products used and more! Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch,ask me questions, and make requests! Thanks for watching! xo



  1. I absolutely love the black/gold effect! It’s so tough, but warm … I love the little touch you added by putting straight-up gold glitter in the inner corners.

  2. Your voice is so soothing

  3. Oh My god! I love this song! I can’t believe you’re using it. XD

  4. Hey guys, it’s Danielle!(: Just made a new video come CHECK IT OUT!(:

  5. I currently have red hair but am trying to get it more towards your shade. What hair dye do you use? Love all your makeup looks by the way.

  6. Gorgeous

  7. Lol n that’s my general lip technique pale lip dark bow for pout

  8. Go steampunk!! They make sum pretty Neato things n music, thx 4 the tutorial ^_^ (n go subculture geniuses)

  9. I continue to be amazed and awed by your talent! Great job! Love it.

  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and tell me that. That means so much to me. I never expected to come this far. it’s because of all of you, that continually support my work that I feel absolutely blessed to have the ability to reach so many people and potentially help them. It’s funny that you should mention that because I have plans to re-film some of my more popular videos in the near future ;)

  11. Thank you so much! x

  12. Thanks! I did it so that way for costume purposes, regardless if you’re wearing your hair up or down. I just happened to have my hair down at the time.

  13. Thank you! Aranwen Jewelry. I just published a share the love blog post on my website about the company :)

  14. Your earrings are beautiful!! Where did you get those?!?!

  15. I love it! But I don’t see the point of doing the make up right to the temples/hairline when your hair is covering it. :/

  16. this is uber awesome!

  17. lovely as usual,gorgeous and talented laura!

  18. YAY STEAMPUNK <333 my fav style

  19. it’s a beautiful make up as always =) may I ask you what hair colour you use? it’s amazing

  20. love the look! <3
    + I really like your voice & you’re so pretty!

  21. flawless as always! love the steampunk style on you!

  22. I really loved it :) so pretty!
    I think orange/red hair is the best for a Steampunk look ^^

  23. love your hair colour u daid me that u use loreal Professionnel but which exactly inoa, majirel ? could u plz right the whole name.. brw love the look u ‘re so inspiring