Steampunk Make-up Collaboration

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 18 comments

I LOVE these people to pieces! Vozzost: Joanadelilah: Anaarthur81: Can’t forget the lovely Elise who helped organize this collab: Headband from the Truth About Lucy on Etsy Music from Audionautix
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  1. I’m an aspiring model I have many steam punk pictures from shoots I’ve done. It would be really cool if you all could go and like my page <3

  2. LOVE!!!!! this. You are so creative, and your videos are all so well done. So many people do these makeup tutorials. Yours get high marks for everything, in my opinion :) . Keep up the good work.

  3. Its a talent had spoken.. uscared me to death lol… love it my dear..

  4. i love the make up and i love your hair color! :D

  5. amazing skills!! love the headband!

  6. freeze it at 0:49.

  7. Steampunk is where its at

  8. Oh my godddd, so awesome!!! Ah I want to wear this for Halloween this year.

  9. this is prettty neat.:D
    I like.
    I like.:3

  10. STEAMPUNK! <3 :D  OMGGG!

  11. @tymma1 I Second This!

  12. looks cool! but what’s steampunk?!

  13. I don’t understand how this video skipped my subscription box!?!?! I looooove steampunk! :)

  14. Sorry for all the Michelle Phan lovers. But this girl should be most sub’d guru. :)

  15. These makup looks remind me of the Club Kids!! YOU MY DEAR ARE AMAZINGLY AWESOME! :)

  16. Ladies and gentleman…THIS is talent!

  17. u r AWESOME!!!

  18. I’d like to see MichellePhan attempt to do this look half as well as you…or any other of ur dramatic looks. U r the best and deserve so much!!! Soooo talented