Steampunk Laptop

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Steampunk Laptop

Tribute-movie of the steampunk laptop by Richard ‘Doc’ Nagy (



  1. I used to barely know what steampunk was….and now all I look for is steampunk games, etc XD

  2. How’s the graphics card

  3. The queen mum has a laptop like that…

  4. Can I watch YouTube on this laptop? Will it run Crysis?

  5. …. It’s Steampunk. It’s supposed to be obscure.

  6. glad you appreciate and understand steampunk

  7. sorry, can’t tell, the website doesn’t mention any weight

  8. how much does it weigh?

  9. i want one of these so badly…

  10. why the fuck would you use a quill to shut it down??????

  11. After all that work. When it breaks on the inside. So shall its owner XD

  12. such a cool laptop man

  13. That start up key is awesome! How did you make it? I swear, as soon as I get the materials and try my hand at a few other more simple projects first, I’m going to make a steampunk laptop for myself. You have inspired me! :D 

  14. this is a one of a kind – or prototype as you call it. Datamancer has made far more other pieces — as far as buyable, I don’t know the answer to that, I can only advise you to visit his website (as mentioned at the end of this movie) — I’m sure you’ll be able to get in touch with the maker/owner as well.