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Steampunk laptop in Lovecraft’ Cthulhu style! FACEBOOK: The Music is owned The Orchard Music! Created: Cool Gear Joocucc Steampunk Zoltan Zackary Vörös, Hungary, Gyömrő, 2011. 09-11. Tulajdonos / megrendelő: Vajda Punkológus Márton Video: english subtitle! Magyar felirattal: Egy HP Compaq 6720s laptop átalakítva steampunk stílusúra, egy kis Lovecrafti Cthulhu beütéssel. A gép teljes faborítást kapott minden oldalról. A “betört” tetején láthatók a fogaskerekek…. …amik persze életre is kellhetnek… Az alsó fedlap levehető, a túlmelegedés miatt. Az akkumulátor eltávolítható. A CD meghajtó is rendelkezésre áll. Eredeti írógép billentyűk teszik eredetivé. Bekapcsolni csak a laptop kulcsával lehet…. … amivel egyben az óra is felhúzható. Hol a Touch pad? ha szükség volna rá, az aljára szerelve használható.

Basic steps to making a Gama type Stirling engine fan from a beer bottle. Using little more than a scroll saw, drill press and scissors.



  1. To all of you viewers: the bottom is detachable which allows you to use the touchpad.

  2. how dafuq would you use the touchpad from the bottom? hungarian logic…

  3. Perhaps if he raised the touchpad to look like a steam-pressure sensor and put a clock to show where your finger is on the pad that moved proportionally it would work a little better.

  4. Dude that took skill and imagination. That is one of the coolest things i have ever seen, no lie.

  5. ow make steam os

  6. I swear I would give you anything to own this, even my first born child. Hell you can have my second and third born children too of you want them.

  7. superb

  8. a mouse with steampunk design ofcoz

  9. You can just use a mouse.

  10. készítő:
    én is :D

  11. készítő:
    a főmunkám mellett + költözéssel együtt 3 hónapig tartott, a ki kreatívkodásokra ment el sok sok idő,de tisztám olyan 1 hónap.

  12. haha your nerdyness no’s no bounds. I laughed my ass off when it started up.Theres aa market for that sort of thing a? GOod job in teaking up your laptop.

  13. just dont lose the key dude!

  14. who really likes to use a touchpad over a small laptop mouse anyway?

  15. wireless mouse, very nice though

  16. why does this not have more views???

  17. How long did it took you to create this? I really love it, you’re creative!

  18. Thoroughly impractical work of art, just like a Frank Lloyd Wright house!

  19. I have started to make some of my plans available at JEPLANS.COM. Although I haven’t made the plans for beer bottle available there are plans for my Phoenix engine

  20. good day sir, i watched your video and its a perfect instructional model Stirling engine, can you help me sir in my 5th year project, just need a soft copy of your model engine..thank you

  21. Actually  1″ wood dowel.

  22. at 0:47 were the blades shaped with a doll or dull

  23. great

  24. Genius!

  25. lube er up! great job very interesting.

  26. Nice engines! I like them particular because thet can show all the process of expansion and contraction bein proceced, and everyone can see clearly how the stirling cycle works. maby you can sell them to universities lol lol XD

  27. bravo

  28. wowwwwwwwwww
    the slower is beutifull

    sorry bad english :)

  29. At least 12hours, we don’t have our stove burning much more that that at a time so it is hard to say. When the stove fired is the hardest time for it. If the wood is a little wet the temperature drops fast and it stops. Once heated up if the temperature reading on my burn Indicator drops below 325F/162C it will stop. My “Copper Top Stirling Engine” handles the rapid swings to lower stove top temperatures much better; it’s good down to around 200F/93C.

  30. Congratulation.
    How long time it works non stop? It is enough your cooling radiator?

  31. awesome

  32. Why is there an ad at the end of the video, set up to look like a standard youtube video link screen, but takes you to some advertising site?

    Advertisers will stoop to unbelievable lows.

  33. Yes but also, I wanted to keep as much of the bottle as possible so people could see what it was. A shorter displacer would wood need a lot more vertical travel, this causes too much friction on the displacer shaft when 90 degrees off vertical., it would also give the displacer a mechanical advantage over the power piston. Less travel with more displacement should make for a faster engine.
    See: The Copper Top Stirling

  34. Great video, can I ask why the displacement piston is so long tall ? Is it to aid with the temp’ diff required ?

  35. not sure but i think its a corona :)