Steampunk Jewelry

Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Videos | 12 comments In this new video I’ve included a new moving steampunk jewelry ring I’ve made, amongst many new London Particulars pieces. You can also find a lot of my work on Etsy and Flickr My Jewelry is made with both Vintage Wrist and pocketwatch movements, gears and cogs in a Steampunk Neo-Victorian Fashion and Style.



  1. ok now, i went to the store and couldnt find the necklace at :35 … :( tell me yall still make that one?????

  2. Really unique styles and creativity. I shop around at etsy all of the time and will definitely be stopping by your site :)

  3. I can’t seem to post a link, but if you Google “London Particulars Etsy” it will be the top result :)

  4. cn you send me a link to where i a can but it

  5. I doff my hat to you Johnny!

  6. Thanks :) 

  7. Thank you! :) 

  8. i love :33 its so awsome

  9. Hi Sir Hajjar, I can always make custom orders so feel free to convo me through my Etsy shop, all ears catered for :)

  10. You done great man! They are very, very good! 10/10

  11. your stuff is absolutely incredible! i love the ones that mix the coloured stones with the harsh metals

  12. hey im wondering where i can buy steampunk jewelry for my ears, i have 14 mm hole`s hehe..