Steampunk Jewelry Rings

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London Particulars, Steampunk Jewelry Designs, Art and a love for all things Gothic, Victorian and Bizarre, bring you a showcase of their latest Steampunk ring creations for 2010. See more Steampunk Jewelry made by London Particulars: You can also see my Steampunk Jewelry Blog at:
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  1. Ack! Now I know what to do with all of those old watches I have in my tin box! Must have around 30…great! Love this!

  2. Very nice. I love it :-)

  3. most likely the artist uses DHT to get the ideas to make stuff like this. but maybe not.

  4. wow love your design :=)

  5. what is the song pleeease!


  7. Exactly! I saw some rings and necklaces like this in a store once, they were selling them for $50 and that was just starting. I was thinking Wow I could go to my local antique clock repair shop and ask if they’d sell me a bunch of cogs, gears, broken pocket watches, and extra parts and make this myself for probably less than $10. And I could make more than one ring with all that supplies too, much more worth while.

  8. their clock work jewlery! thats cool, at first i didn’t know what i was looking at. Very innovative, i love it!

  9. pretty simple:
    find an old watch and remove it from the hull
    flip it over (so that the exposed backside with all the wheels is facing up)
    glue it to a standard “ring” (hence they all look alike)

    The stones (safire/ruby and other gem-like plastic/glass bling-blings) are set in open spaces where a wheel or spring was removed

    A ring like this takes about 15 minutes to make.

    Just saying that the idea is ok, but there’s no need to overrate or exagerate the wowness.

  10. any 1 notice alot of them have the same base?

  11. oAo I love this song…

  12. i love these rings! and this music