SteamPunk Jenga Pin

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SteamPunk Jenga Pin

Fast Motion of me creating this SteamPunk style Jenga game piece pin. Flower from Jentaleigh Gears are Tim Holtz. LOVE him! Clock and light bulb from Jenga block from my kids’ game. Metal flower, pin back, beads, charms, and metal findings from ebay. Various sellers. I purchase from sellers with 99.5% approval or higher only and free shipping. Thanks for watching! Leslie



  1. I love this so gorgeous..tfs hugs shelly

  2. Thanks! TFW

  3. You know it!

  4. TFW!!

  5. Thanks for watching!—leslie

  6. Thanks so much! It was very fun to do! It was my first steampunk effort and I LOVED it!—leslie

  7. Thanks so much for watching!—leslie

  8. love it!!!

  9. so pretty

  10. OOOOOOOOO is this mine??? LOL LOVE IT!!!

  11. It was fun watching it come together, very cool, tfs

  12. Lovely pin!! I enjoyed watching how you created it – so much fun!! Thanks so much for sharing

  13. Awesome pin. Just lovin the creativity. TFS

  14. Thank you so much! Hot glue can be dimensional at times we don’t want it to, and I use a heat gun to heat the hot glue again to press it flatter. For the altered paint can and on this project, I didn’t want foam tape showing behind the heart (that’s not vintage looking at all), so I thought if I can flatten hot glue, maybe I can intentionally MAKE it dimensional! It worked! Thanks so much for watching!—leslie

  15. Neat. Love how you layered up the hot glue so the heart is dimensional. TFS.

  16. Thanks for watching! I’m still adding to your package!—leslie

  17. TFW!!!—leslie

  18. Thanks so much!—leslie

  19. Thanks Shar!!!—leslie

  20. TFW!!! —leslie

  21. TFW!!—leslie

  22. Very pretty! I love it! TFS.
    Paveena :)

  23. How awesome…..I love this….thank you so much for sharing….I enjoyed it….

  24. So pretty. Tfs.

  25. very cool!
    thanks for sharing